PhD position available in Chronobiology at the Chair of Nutrition and Immunology, Technical University Munich, Germany

PhD position available in Chronobiology at the Chair of Nutrition and Immunology, Technical University Munich, Germany


Who we are: We establish a new research direction at the TUM to study the molecular bases of circadian rhythms, and their connections to physiology, in particular gastrointestinal functions in rodents. Therefore, we connect recent topics on inflammation and cancer of the gastrointestinal system with biological rhythms „chronobiology“. 

Research Area 

Many physiological processes present near-24h „circadian “oscillations. These daily rhythms are called circadian rhythms, and they are generated by circadian clocks. The master circadian clock in mammals such as mice or humans is located in the brain, more specifically in a region of the hypothalamus called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. However, recent research has shown that clocks are also present in other brain regions and in most peripheral organs too. During evolution, circadian clocks have evolved by giving an advantage to living organisms, by adapting their physiology to the cyclically changing environment (e.g. light/dark, warm/cold daily cycles), and by organizing in time the processes occurring in various tissues and within cells. Thus, it is not a surprise that disturbances of circadian clocks have been associated with various diseases, including cancer, metabolic diseases and mood disorders. The chronobiology research at the Chair of Nutrition and Immunology aims at deciphering how these clocks impact on gastrointestinal diseases. 

The position is initially for 3 years. The salary is based on the German public service salary scale (TV-L). 


- you should have a MSc or equivalent in Biology, Medical Science or related disciplines, preferably with a strong background in immunology and/or physiology 

- you are expected to have an excellent academic record and be fluent in English (wrinting and speech) 

- experience in performing scientific mouse experiments (mouse handling), especially in immunology or physiology and behavior is highly appreciated 

Further Enquiries and Application 

For more information and requests for advice on the application procedure please by send an Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The following documents should be send until the 31th of May 2017: CV, certificates, grades, research interest and a motivation letter. Information regarding the Chair of Nutrition and Immunology at the Technical University Munich will be found at 


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